Basic Information

Full Name & Title(s):

  • Anath Joseph John Alfansia.
  • Former Protector of Lady Eala (Lost)
  • Murderer of Archaedos (Lost)
  • Guardian to Merfolk (Lost)

Full Name & Title(s) (Meanings):

  • Anath - Anath, also spelt Anat, chief West Semitic goddess/god of love and war.
  • Joseph - Hebrew baby name.
  • John - The Gracious.
  • Alfansia - His mother’s surname.

Personal Nicknames & Aliases:

  • Guppy (Kept)
  • Blue Tang (Lost)
  • Guardian (Kept)
  • Father (Lost)
  • Murderer (Lost)
  • Water Dweller (Lost)
  • Psychopath (Lost)
  • Thief (Lost)
  • Protector (Lost)
  • Mad-man (Lost)
  • Abomination (Lost)
  • Hated (Lost)
  • Darling (Lost)

Personal Nicknames & Aliases (Meanings):

  • Guppy (Kept) - Given to him at a very young age.
  • Blue Tang (Lost) - His original form.
  • Guardian (Kept) - The Guardian of the Merfolks
  • Father (Lost) - Lost his adopted daughter in Aversia
  • Murderer (Lost) - Murderer of Archaedos
  • Water Dweller (Lost) - Lurker of the water in Archaedos
  • Psychopath (Lost) - Lost this title when he died in Aversia
  • Thief (Lost) - When he use to rob food of others in Aversia
  • Protector (Lost) - Former protector of his daughter in Aversia
  • Madman (Lost) - Lost his mind within Aversia when his family left.
  • Abomination (Kept) - His final status within Aversia
  • Hated (Lost) - Given to him by Jack in Aversia
  • Darling (Lost) - Given by his mother within Mirrasil

Important Information


  • 120 in Syrien Years.
  • 19 in Human.

Age Appearance:

  • 16-17
  • In some cases he seems a lot younger due to his height and the way he acts.

Birth Location:

  • The Merfolk City (Mirrasil)
  • Siren’s Call (Aversia)


  • Male (Kept)
  • Female (Lost)

Current Race:

  • Syrien

Past Race(s):

  • Dark Elf
  • Merfolk
  • Human


  • Bisexual


  • 4’9 (Human Form)
  • 5’8 (Tail Form)


  • 23.4 lbs (Human Form)
  • 30.4 lbs (Tail Form) - Due to his tail.


  • Common (✓)
  • Elven (✓)
  • Aquatic (✓)
  • Orcish (✓)
  • Lammerish (✓)
  • Native (✓)
  • Dwarven (✓)


  • Anaths voice sounds a lot like Flynn Rider from Tangled (Link)

Traits, Blessing Curses & Physical Disabilities:

  • Blessing of the Waves (Kept)
  • Curse of the Spirits (Pending)
  • Voices of Death (Lost)

Physical Attributes


  • Anaths build is rather muscular from when he fought in Aversia.


  • Anath has bright blonde hair which just reaches the bottom of his head.


  • Anaths eyes are a bright shade of blue they’re almost ‘diamond’ like.


  • Despite all that has happened to Anath his skin has maintained its smooth touch from when he was young since he took very good care of it. His skin is also rather tanned.


  • From birth Anath had bright blue scales which faded as he grew, this is the same for both Mirrasil & Aversia but as he travelled to Arcana his scales began dying from his constant rebirth causing his scales to turn into a dark violet.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Within Mirrasil & Aversia Anath was easily spotted by his diamond like scales but that has faded as he came to Arcana. Now the first thing often spotted is his blonde hair which makes him an easy target.

Predominant Features:

  • Anaths most predominant feature would have to be his diamond blue eyes which often glow when the sun reflects from it.


  • Anath often wears a small attire of a black pair of trousers and a creme shirt which he keeps on when he turns into his tail form.


  • Anath spends almost all his life under water so his hygiene is as clean as he can be.


  • Turtly the Turtle (Lost) (Mirrasil)
  • Spirit the Horse (Lost) (Aversia)
  • Crystal the Hawk (Lost) (Aversia)


  • Trident of the Waves (Lost)
  • The Shadow Necklace (Lost)
  • Triduthian Armor (Lost)
  • Jacob the Bear (Lost)

Personal Attributes

Traits: (Good) (Neutral) (Bad)

  • Cautious (Good)
  • Religious  (Good)
  • Observant (Good)
  • Friendly (Good)
  • Family-Orientated (Good)
  • Independant (Good)
  • Sharp Tongued (Neutral)
  • Curious (Neutral)
  • Athletic (Neutral)
  • Clear-Headed (Neutral)
  • Competitive (Neutral)
  • Disciplined (Neutral)
  • Untrusting (Bad)
  • Unforgiving (Bad)
  • Angered (Bad)
  • Murderer  (Bad)
  • Selfishness (Bad)
  • Distracted  (Bad)
  • Neuroticism (Bad)

Joys In life:

  • Being Reunited with Atticus
  • Seeing Ember
  • Being reborn with his memory
  • Finally realizing his sexuality


  • Orcs
  • The Imperium
  • Waking up reborn again.


  • His Stubbornness
  • His family
  • His child like attitude
  • His curiosity

Character’s Darkest Secret:

  • He murdered his best friend when he was young, and the spirit of that girl haunted him within Mirrasil.

Does anyone else know:

  • Atticus
  • Ember
  • Elenwin


Aversia: (Finished) (Past)

Anath was born and raised within the world of Aversia by Tallulah and Silver within his childhood he learnt all sorts of new wonders about the land dwellers, from how they walk to what they eat. He has always been curious about them since a very young age. When Anath hit his early teens his father started murdering innocent souls Anath never really saw much of his father but when he did he'd often ignore him and treat him horribly. After a few months of this going on his Mother, Tallulah decided she had enough and left Anath with his father. He never really understood why his mother left him but he hoped one day she would return and she never did. . . When he was old enough Anath started venturing on his own to make a family of his own which he swore he'd never leave but his story just got worse he tried and tried to make new friends but trouble always found him…

Mirrasil: (In Progress) (Present)

Within his last moments in Aversia Anath wanted to find his best friend Atticus so he searched everywhere for him but- no luck. So there he was walking towards along Archadoes when the Imperium showed and started scorching the area Anath was unsure what to do so he hid within his cave, everything started falling around him then a rock came a knocked him into the water which he got stuck in within a couple of weeks Anath began to die of hunger, he called for help with last breath but no one came. . Anath has been in slumber for a long time with his memory lost, all Anath hoped for was to see his family again and his wish came true. As he awakened being held by his mother once again with all his memory gone and reborn into the realm of Mirrasil

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