Basic Information

Full Name & Title(s):

  • Princess Leilah Susan Elizabeth Sealock
  • Little Princess Sealock
  • Adopted Daughter of the Solaray Clan (Lost)
  • Little Jewel of Arbington (Lost)

Full Name & Title(s) (Meanings):

  • Princess
    • Daughter of the High King
  • Leilah
    • Dark Beauty
  • Susan
    • Hebrew Sosanna meaning - "Lilly"
  • Elizabeth
    • Elizabeth is a Greek baby name meaning: "Oath of God"
  • Sealock
    • The Noble family name.
  • Adopted Daughter of the Solaray Clan (Lost)
    • Gifted by the Solaray Clan within Mirrasil
  • Little Jewel of Arbington
    • Gifted by her mother as she began leading Arbington
  • Toddler of the Flowing Sun (Lost)
    • Earned by being one of the youngest members of the Flowing Sun Clan

Personal Nicknames & Aliases:

  • Leil Leil
  • Little Princess
  • Dark Beauty
  • Precious bird
  • Autumn Sunset
  • The King’s Treasure
  • Midnight’s Blossom

Personal Nicknames & Aliases (Meanings):

  • Leil Leil  - Gifted by her mother and father.
  • Little Princess  - Gifted by her father.
  • Dark Beauty  - Gifted by her first name.
  • Precious bird  - Gifted by her father
  • Autumn Sunset  - Given to her due to her desert like skin
  • The King’s Treasure  - Gifted by the townsfolk
  • Midnight’s Blossom  - Her fornam

Important Information


  • 2 years of age

Age Appearance:

  • 1-2 years of age
    • Leilah is incredibly small for her age this is mainly due to her hip dysplasia which drastically affects her right leg.

Birth Location:

  • Rirath Island of Peace (Mirrasil)
  • Raeyldar World of Redemption


  • Female

Current Race:

  • Altum Elf

Past Race(s):

  • Desert Elf (Lost)
  • Henetelope (Lost)


  • Unknown
    • This is due to her young age


  • 28 inches


  • 21 pounds


  • Raelyn (20% learnt)
  • Lingua (0% learnt)


Traits, Blessing, Curses & Physical Disabilities:

  • Leilah’s Hip Dysplasia -
    • This unique disability doesn't allow Leilah to walk. (Link)
  • Curse of the Tribal of Death
    • When Leilah was sacrificed to the Primal of death she got a very nasty crimson mark on her right leg which can be easily seen by anyone
  • Voices of Death (Lost)
    • When Leilah died she heard all the suffered souls as she got buried in the realm of death

Physical Attributes


  • Rather Fragile and Weak
    • This is mainly due to her incredible young age but on top of this her hip dysplasia affects her the most.


  • Dark reddish brown
    • Leilah’s hair is a bright brown which falls down to her waist although her hair may seem long her body is incredibly small so it actually is quite short.


  • Dark Aqua Eyes
    • Leilah was born with dark aquamarine eyes which have stayed with her as she woke within this new realm.


  • Dark sunset brown
    • Leilah’s skin is a dark sunset brown and is incredibly smooth as its well-taken care off by her father, although further down her body her skin seems ‘dead’ from the sacrifice back in Mirrasil.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Her Eyes
    • Leilah’s most distinguishing feature is her aquamarine eyes which often shimmers from the sunlight.

Predominant Features:

  • Her right leg
    • Leilah’s right leg is a lot smaller than her left mainly due to her hip dysplasia but on top of this the curse from the tribal has caused her right leg to look bruised and almost ‘dead’ in a fact that it’s so hurt and broken it barely moves. (Leilah no longer has any feeling in her right leg and cannot move it)


  • Noble Pink Robes
    • Leilah wears noble clothes which she finds rather uncomfortable but she is forced to wear this due to her title within the city.


  • Very Clean
    • Due to Leilah being a noble she often smells very clean and off roses, and is often forced to have a bath.


  • “Scruffy The Dog” or Leilah likes to call him “Scuff Scuff!”
    • Leilah’s favourite pet! Her dog (Link)


  • Flower Crown
    • Leilah often wears a lovely pink flower crown made by her mother Acaria.

Personal Attributes

Traits: (Good) (Neutral) (Bad)

  • Playful (Good)
  • Silly (Good)
  • Curious (Good)
  • Sociable (Good)
  • Integrity (Good)
  • Shy (Neutral)
  • Active (Neutral)
  • Careless (Neutral)
  • Messy (Neutral)
  • Weak (Neutral)
  • Demanding (Bad)
  • Frightening (Bad)
  • Daring (Bad)
  • Spoilt (Bad)

Joys of Life:

  • Gift of a father.
    • Leilah was gifted with the greatest father figure of them all the King.
  • A new home
    • Leilah loves exploring her new castle she finds so many new things and loves getting the guards and maids attention.

Characters Darkest Secret(s):

  • N/A
    • She hasn’t done anything bad!

Does anyone else know?:

  • N/A
    • Nope!


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